Smart Baby Shapes: Learning games for toddler kids App recensioner

Was great

This app was great until it stopped working.

Advances too quickly

I thought I found a great app for my 2 year old. So I purchased the app after trying out the “lite app” however, this app advances too quickly. By the time the kid gets to level 5 there are already 4 and 5 colors on the screen. Also, each stage ends after only 4 screens. If the developer could create an ongoing level that keeps it to 2-3 colors for an unending amount of time this would be great! Having young kids move on to levels needing to push the >> button is confusing to the kid and it gets them uninterested very quickly.

Paid Full for Nothing

I paid for full version. The app doesn’t even work correctly. I reported but have heard nothing back yet. I want a refund.

My daughter loves this game!

I had the trial and bought the whole game on my phone and my 20 month old loves it she’s learning so fast. We now switched to android and can’t find this app in the play store and don’t know if we can redeem our perches but we love it and recommend everyone to use it. Kids learn so quickly.

Amazing App

This was recommended through my Mom group, I initially got it for our first plane ride. I was amazed at how quickly my 1.5yr old picked up the early levels but was even more impressed when he accidentally advanced levels and still was able to do it! He loves this game and so do I!


My two year old loves this app! It’s fun and great for learning. She learned how to differentiate small/big using this app!

My 1 year granddaughter loves this

Finally found a game my 1 year old granddaughter can actually play. She's already moving up the levels so bought the full version today. Well worth a few dollars. Very well done for younger toddlers!!


It was really neat until a red circle doesn’t go in a red circle... it’s really ticking me off that I paid for my son to enjoy learning for that. PLEASE FIX IT

Doesn’t work

My tot liked it so I bought her the full version but it stopped working. One will work and then the other shapes don’t. She thinks she’s doing something wrong and gets frustrated. I’m really annoyed. It’s making her second guess what she knows

Love it

My daughter loves this app. We started playing it at 10 month by 13 month she was solving every level like a pro!


My son LOVES this app, He is 18 months old and this is his first time ever using a device.. I got it for him two days ago and he went from not knowing what to do to being a pro within a couple minutes play each day! However it stopped working so I figured we tried it too many time.. so I purchased it and it's still not working.. my little guy wants to play so bad but we can't figure out what's wrong!


Great game!!

Baby App

I love this app. My 20 month old is learning to solve problems, match the colors And shapes. It AWESOME!!

Love it!

My one year old loves this game so much I've been telling all of my mom friends about it lol

Learning made fun

This is an awesome game that I bought the full version! My 21 month old granddaughter can work this easily but challenging enough to make her think!

Great game!

My son absolutely LOVES this game...I just wish you would come up with some additional levels for him! I downloaded this for him when he was a little over one...he's not quite 2 yet and has passed thru all the levels a few months ago...definitely his favorite app!


Love, love, love this app! My one and a half year old son is a little pro at this game. He reached the highest level while playing a few minutes a day for about a month. Friends and family are so impressed on how fast and well he does it and figures out where to place the shapes. Please make this app in different languages! I only speak Spanish to my son and I wish this app would reinforce that for him. This app is a great concept. Thank you! I have tons of videos of my kid mastering this game I wish I could load one to this review.

Love it!

My toddler loves this game and is learning shapes and colors very quickly!

Great app

My grandson has autism and he really loves this game a lot. I wish the game said the colors when placing them in there spots! Like red circle or what ever! I'm not complaining I am very pleased with this app!! Thank you!!

Very fun app!

Great for m 2 year old!!

Great except 1 problem

The idea of the game is great, my son loves it for about 5 minutes. But when you pay $3.25 to get the full version, expecting a 4th game to show up and in turn just getting a box that keeps score count on the 3 levels of the one game you do get, it's disappointing. The lite version is all you need don't waste your money on literally nothing. Suggestion, add more games, numbers, letters, foods, toys, anything, please.

Mom and Toddlers love this app!

I RARELY purchase apps but this one is definitely worth it! My (almost) 2 year old loves it! He's learning shapes, colors, sizes and motor skills! Recommend!


The free version app worked but as soon as I wasted $3 it completely deleted itself and it will not let me download it back from my iCloud!

Best Idea Ever

Bought the lite version and my 2 year old loves it so much I had to buy the full version!! She needed me to show her at first then she quickly picked up on it!! Best purchase ever!!!


This is perfect for our 2 year old. It has helped with naming shapes, and differentiating between sizes and colors. It is a great educational tool that doesn't make us feel guilty for our child playing on our phones.

11 month old loves it

Good simple game to entertain baby while getting my oil changed 😂

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